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I’m back!!  Having realised I’ve not been very good at getting my blog posts out on a regular basis recently, I have given myself a bit of a talking too.  Apparently this happens quite often with new bloggers.  People start off all enthusiastic, then get bored and go and do something else.  Now, if you know me in the real world you will know – I am very good at starting things, doing it for a while and then getting bored and going off to do something else.   Well, you will be pleased to know this is not such an example.  I have just been busy sorting out other stuff.

This lovely blog was started as the precursor for Potter Wright and Webb’s  online shop, specialising in the traditional regional crafts of the British Isles.   The blog was meant to focus my mind on getting the shop up and running.  The plan was I would do one post a week, featuring a traditional craft object, which I would then sell in the shop.  But I have discovered I am far more interested in finding out about all the amazing regional crafts from around the country than actually starting a shop.  Having to worry about stock levels, wholesale prices, advertising, featured products and profit makes me go all of a quiver!

I have also discovered most of our traditional Heritage Crafts are in a precarious position.  Often only a handful of craftspeople operate commercially and many of these are simply unable to offer wholesale prices.  So I have slightly shifted my focus.  I’ve decided to put off opening the shop (at least until Angela Merkel and friends have worked out where all the money has gone).  Instead I shall concentrate solely on making this blog the home of all things to do with traditional regional crafts.  I shall continue on my journey around the British Isles featuring all the lovely things I come across, linking to the websites of  the individual craftspeople as I go. Who knows where my meandering will end up!  It has already lead to me writing a post for the November issue of Dulwich OnView about Lambeth pottery, so that is pretty exciting, in fact I had better stop writing this and start writing the article for them!


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