Lots of Lovely Dorset Buttons

Finally finished my second tutorial on Dorset Buttons.  Had lots of images of all the samples I made and so I thought I would share them with you all.

Got a bit carried away and kept making more!

One great big Shirt Waister (yes, I know it’s off centre)

Open Weave around a Curtain Ring, a Christmas tree decoration perhaps

I like these ones – On a nice cardigan or maybe a brooch.

I think I have got the Dorset button bug now.  I may even branch out and do some colourful ones.  I found a really nice booklet which gives intricate details of how to make many of the traditional dorset buttons including the High Tops and Singletons.

I am planning on integrating some big ones into some of my embroidery pieces next.  Have a look here.

 ‘How to Make Dorset Buttons Booklet’ by Marion Howitt is available from


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5 Responses to Lots of Lovely Dorset Buttons

  1. Lovely, lovely buttons.

  2. Alexina Gannon says:

    They are beautiful. As you can imagine Dorset buttons popular in Dorchester. Local Stitchers madecsn altar cloth and 100 buttons were part ofthe design. Everyone on the group involved in making them.

  3. Elaine Sullivan says:

    Wonderful, clear instructions and pictures. Thank you, I can’t wait to try making some myself.

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  5. charlotte says:

    Have just stumbled upon this site while looking for Dorset Button resources. It looks great and the information is spot on. Very impressed!

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