Bodged Rag Rugs

I have just discovered another variation on regional rag rugging that I was unaware of until today.  In Staffordshire rag rugs are known as bodged mats.  Bodged meaning poked and each of the strips of fabric are poked, or bodged, through the backing material and knotted to hold them in place.

I shall have to update my post on ‘A Bodger is not a Botcher‘ now, as this is yet another meaning for the verb ‘to bodge’!

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3 Responses to Bodged Rag Rugs

  1. dawn arthrell/Faircloth says:

    Hi.i felt I had to comment ,as for years I have heard from my 90 year old Mother about her days in The Black Country…bodging!
    My Mother made beautiful hearth rugs in assorted colours using strips of material,a hessian sack or empty sugar sack,using a bodger to work the material through the weave.My Father also talks fondly of his Mother and Sisters doing the same.When they emigrated to Canada shortly before WW1,bodging made the log cabins that they first moved into in Novascotia feel cosy and warm.Mom made rugs and carpets and even made a strip to cover the staircase from top to bottom.
    I would love to have a go myself and now feel motivated by your posting to chase up the bodging tool!

    • Rachel Reynolds says:

      That’s pretty amazing – Your Mum’s stair carpet must have taken a while. Cozy log cabins in Novascotia sounds very romantic but I bet the reality was tough. I remember my Grandmother in Sussex used to make rugs too. I think there were many different variations on how they were actually made, depending on where you lived. I wish I knew more!

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi,just revisiting this site with an update.I returned to the UK last month and purchased a bodging tool from a delightful old couple who own one of the houses in the Black Country Museum Dudley.I am now ready to have a go myself…with the help of my Mom of course !!!!o

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