The Sussex Pimp!

The Sussex pimp is a little known traditional coppice product, a small bundle of kindling – twenty five small lengths of birch tied up with tarred string.  Made by woodsman in the area around Petworth, used locally and also taken up to London by the cart, lorry and train load.   There is still one man who produces pimps and this is Alan Waters who is based near Chichester and sells through woodland fairs.  There is a nice video of him making some pimps and explaining the use of faggots and benders here;

A pimp is used to light a fire.  There is two other related coppice products;  a faggot, which is a larger bundle of sticks used to fuel ovens and now also utilised in the regeneration and protection of  river banks and a bavin, which like a faggot was used to fuel a fire.

Well there you have – what more can I say.  I did try to find an image for this post but when I googled ‘Sussex Pimp” all I got was a picture of a nasty looking man on the run in Brighton!

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3 Responses to The Sussex Pimp!

  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Rachel – are you going to feature quilts and proggy mats from County Durham and Northumberland? Beamish museum publishes amazing books about them and has a great archive. Lesley x

    • admin says:

      How very strange – I was looking at proggy mats just yesterday! Yes I am. I remember my Gran used to make rag rugs in Sussex but they were different from the proggy mats that I have seen. I am going to look up the Beamish museum straight away. Thanks very much for this, its great to hear of different regional crafts to go and visit!

  2. Pete says:

    Similar to faggots would be staddling. The purpose is the same as staddle stones. ie. Staddling (coppiced timber) is spread to reduce a hay rick’s contact with the ground.

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