Traditional Crafts Map of the British Isles

For a while now I have been thinking that it would be great if I could add a Traditional Crafts Map to this blog.  Somewhere I could pin all crafts from all the different places that I visit.  I have also been thinking it would be great to find a way for other people to interact with the site more.

Whilst I am having a great time on my virtual journey, it’s going to me a very long time to meander my way around the British Isles, hunting down all the different regional traditional crafts.  If other people could add their own local crafts to a map as well it would be fantastic and I am sure that some obscure regional crafts will be uncovered.

Now such a map is way beyond me in computer terms, so it’s lucky that I have found some clever people who have done it already.  Historypin is a place where people can pin images, video and audio on a map.  Anyone can upload images and so a huge historical database is being created.

I have created a Potter Wright and Webb channel with a traditional crafts map of the British Isles where I shall be pinning all the regional crafts.  If you have images of regional crafts, please go ahead and get pinning too.  Go to Historypin and create a channel and then pin away.  Images from different channels can be gathered together into a collection.  So let me know and I will add them to the Potter Wright and Webb Regional Crafts Collection.  Any images of craft objects associated with a particular region welcome.

Please visit – A Traditional Crafts Map of the British Isles.

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